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Intel 8390MT PRO/1000MT Gigabit Pci Ethernet Network Pci Adapter Card (no Software)

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8390MT PRO1000MT Gigabit Pci Ethernet


Buying ethernet cards for the computer? The 8390MT PRO/1000MT Gigabit Pci Ethernet a great ethernet card manufactured by Intel is a good item! Part# 8390MT-BULK. I really liked that it had the feature of easy, cost-effective migration to gigabit ethernet over existing cat-5 cabling. Additional features consist of dma controller processor: intel 82541gi. 8390mt pro/1000mt.


This could possibly be the bulk version, it does not come with the low profile bracket nor the software/driver CD. But most present day day OS's will automatically detect this card and will install the correct driver for it. If the OS does not, then do a web search for"Intel MT driver"or"Intel 8390MT driver"and top results ought to link towards the latest drivers for this card, including drivers for each 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7.


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