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Broadcom Net Xtreme Ii 5709 Gigabit Quad Port Ethernet PCIE-4 Convergence Network Interface Card For Select Dell Power Edge Servers / Power Vault Storage

Broadcom Net Xtreme Ii 5709 Gigabit Quad5 Star Rating
Broadcom Net Xtreme Ii 5709 Gigabit Quad
Broadcom Net Xtreme

Selecting an ethernet card for the computer? Examine the Broadcom Net Xtreme from Dell! Broadcom Net Xtreme is an example of good quality product you'll find out there. For everybody who is thinking of buying this gigabit network card, you've come to the right spot. Our company offers you special bargains for this product with secure purchase. Broadcom net xtreme. To buy the product now at the cheapest price, visit the shopping cart add to cart button.

broadcom xtreme gigabit quad port ethernet

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Brand: DELL
MPN: M005R

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The BCM5709 Quad Port Ethernet PCI-Express  ® Network Interface Card from Dell â"¢ is really a fourth generation convergence network interface card (C-NIC) which enables convergence of all of the networking communications for information network (LAN) and block storage (i SCSI) with lower CPU utilization for Dell Power Edge rack and tower servers. As element from the Broadcom Net Xtreme II family of goods discovered across the Dell Power Edge server portfolio, this enables data centers to simplify IT networking by converging multiple functions more than 1 wire when deploying Dell Power Edge servers. This item has been tested and validated on Dell systems. It is supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system. This lowers price for i SCSI acquisition, deployment and management considering that the 5709 uses the current Ethernet infrastructure and eliminates the need to acquire standalone HBA cards. The Broadcom  ® BCM5709 Quad Port NIC includes dedicated hardware and processors that not just deliver industry standard Ethernet features but additionally has integrated i SCSI Host Bus Adapter (HBA) functionality and TCP/IP Offload Engine (TOE) capability to deliver TCP/IP information and i SCSI block storage at high I/O's per second with lower CPU utilization.

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