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Hewlett Packard Hp NC112T Pcie Gigabit Server Adapter New

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NC112T Pcie Gigabit Server Adapter New

Hewlett Packard

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For everybody who is looking to purchase a gigabit network adapter I have put together some info. Have a look at the NC112T Pcie Gigabit Server Adapter New by Hewlett Packard! The barcode for this item is 132017587790. Among the many best attributes for this ethernet card is the data transfer rate: 1 gbps. data link protocol: ethernet fast ethernet gigabit ethernet. connectivity technology: wired. Additional features include things like hp nc112t pcie gigabit server adapter. It weighs only 2 lbs. Explore a few manufacturers should you not have one specially you favour. Whenever you're choosing a gigabit network card, look for a manufacturer's warranty. A bit of basic research will go quite a distance based on it you are able to with certainty choose the things which you want or need. Shopping for NC112T Pcie Gigabit Server Adapter New.



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