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Nic 1000SX/LC Pcie Taa Rohs Lp And Std Bracket Incl

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Nic 1000SXLC Pcie Taa Rohs Lp And Std

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I really liked that the ethernet card has the feature of virtual lans with 802. 1q vlan tagging, load balancing and priority queuing for network optimization. It's dimensions are 0.05" Height x 8.5" Length x 6" Width. It has got a weight of 0.15 lbs. Nic 1000sx/lc pcie taa rohs lp and std. To learn more about this gigabit network adapter, visit the button below.


Two fiber port interfaces (LC connectors) give you maximum protection against failure. The priority queuing offered by AT-2972SX can help you set up your network based on your own wants. The PCI-express (PCI-e) design of the AT-2972SX PCI-express dual port fiber Gigabit NIC provides you the maximum possible bandwidth and bus efficiency. The comprehensive diagnostics and configuration software suite provides system administrators and engineers with a profound tool to analyze the network interface card to check certain information. The two ports could also be trunked to increase bandwidth in server sort applications. If a single link goes down, the other keeps sending information to stay away from network downtime. Other benefits are capability and low energy consumption.


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